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Hello and welcome to Lawrence’s website. My name is Lystell and Lawrence is the energy personality I’ve been channeling since 2016. Like many others I started my metaphysical adventure with Seth and then later I continued with Elias. Elias was instrumental in helping me channel and has been very supportive.

Like Seth, Abraham, Elias and other channeled energy essences, Lawrence can provide you information on anything you may ask. Lawrence exists outside of our time-space universe and offers his advice and energy to those in this physical world we occupy. Whether you want personal advice or information about our world or universe, Lawrence can answer your questions.

You can read more about me and Lawrence here.

You can read comments from my clients here.

Here are some sample sessions you can read or listen to:

I offer one hour sessions in which you talk directly to Lawrence, either on the phone or via Skype. To request a session, simply go here and send me your request by filling out the short form. I will get back you by email with a session date and time. The sessions are completely private and will not be shared with anyone except you unless you ask to have it shared on the website. I can record the session for you and send you a recording.

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