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"My session with Lawrence came at a time where I was struggling to find purpose in my life, and to find meaning in the challenges I was facing. I went into the session with some trepidation but it was all allayed after speaking to Lystell initially and then Lawrence. The session was amazing. Lawrence was warm, reassuring, and knew exactly what I was feeling and what I was going through. I not only received amazing and novel insight into the issues I was struggling with, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I knew, after talking to Lawrence, that I was going to be OK – and that I had the power to accomplishment whatever I wanted. One session with Lawrence is better than years of therapy. Lawrence, you’re a rock star. I am forever grateful to Lystell for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing phenomenon."

-- Deb

"I have found Lawrence to be a soothing and supportive comfort when I was in a bind and needed some perspective, yet he is also a great resource when I am in the mood to explore the heady mechanics of reality creation."


" I am still in awe about what I experienced with that session. I find this session very, very useful for me."


"Lystell, Lawrence and you are headed for stardom, truly gifts in every sense. Seth and Lawrence, what a combo! Love it all."


"Wow!! Thank You Lystell and Lawrence. There was so much meat in this session. I wanted to connect the dots between Perception, Action, and Creation and Lawrence you helped me do just that. Thank you so much for your fresh new insights and simple analogies."


"Excellent information presented clearly."


"Would like to express my gratitude again for the Lawrence session, I listened to it several times. A strong sense of recognition and belonging, connection with a close friend... My appreciation beyond words."


"Lawrence is phenomenal in my humble opinion, and is immediately undermining negative beliefs held by many and replacing with believable common sense enlightenment. When, in a mere generation or so, most everyone will begin raising their personal vibrational frequency level and thus will begin gaining vast blocks of information bubbling up from within."


"I hold Lystell and Lawrence's wondrous achievement in great esteem, like some new beautiful flower that has blossomed in my world. The dignity and friendliness with which they conduct sessions is inspiring and the information provided is wise as it is precise. Lawrence 'comes through' vividly and is a delight to engage."