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Hello, my name is Lystell and I channel the energy-essence Lawrence. Lawrence communicates with us from outside our physical universe, like Seth, Elias, Abraham and many other channeled personalties. For those familiar with Elias, you may know already that Vicki Pendley was a focus of Lawrence and a close friend of Mary Ennis. Lawrence has at least two famous focuses in the present time, George Harrison and Janis Joplin. I guess Lawrence likes music as do I.

I use the word "channeling" because it is familiar to most but more correctly it is an energy exchange. What happens when someone engages in an energy exchange is that the person's energy and that of the Essence being channeled merge to some extent and this allows the Essence to directly speak or express itself through the channeler. There are countless types of energy exchanges, the most well known ones are speaking and writing, but it can be almost any type of expression, like painting or some other creative expression.

Before I started an energy exchange with Lawrence in early 2016 I had often wondered what it would be like to channel. Since reading my first Seth book in the 1980’s I had a desire to channel but felt it was out of reach, beyond my capabilities.

Channeling has its own set of distinctive challenges. I learned that each person’s experience with channeling is unique and I could not simply emulate someone else’s experience. The primary challenge is developing trust in my ability to channel and being trusting that Lawrence is capable of delivering his expression through those layers and layers of consciousness Elias described. This requirement of trust is fundamental, without it nothing happens.

There is always the question of how much I am “coloring” Lawrence’s expression, injecting myself into it, distorting it. I have learned to accept that there will be an element of myself in what I speak for Lawrence, at least for some time, but that the core message is what Lawrence intends it to be. I trust that. I also trust that my energy exchange is developing and as it does it will become fuller and richer and less colored.

But the challenges with channeling go beyond the energy exchange itself. The emotional and social aspects are also significant and unique. I am not naturally outgoing and self-confident in social settings. I felt that allowing others to read Lawrence transcripts was risky, exposing vulnerabilities I had shielded all my life. Then there is the matter of my family, who for the most part were unaware the extent to which I dabbled in metaphysics, never mind that I would be channeling. I now know what coming out of the closet is all about.

Whatever the challenges, I will continue channeling Lawrence. It has become an important part of my life, it is a fulfillment of my leader personality, as Elias describes it. Lawrence is more to me than just an Essence I channel. Lawrence has become a close friend and companion, one that comforts me when I’m experiencing difficulties and aids me in maintaining my health and healing my body. I much appreciate his help and his allowance of me to channel his expression.

I offer these sessions to you in the intent that you will find them interesting and useful. I thank each of you for your interest in Lawrence and these sessions and I am appreciative of that.

For those that are interested, the story of how I started channeling Lawrence appears below.


How It All Began

Elias played a significant role in bringing me to where I am in my energy exchange with Lawrence and he has been very helpful and supportive. I learned how to tap into Elias’ energy and have thought-based conversations with him. Elias made it clear he would only engage Mary in an energy exchange but I wanted more. In one of these subjective engagements with him I asked if there was another Essence willing to engage me in an energy exchange. I got the answer: Lawrence.

A few days later, an hour or so before my session time with Mary, I had the idea of tapping into Lawrence’s energy the same way I was engaging Elias. I sat quietly and opened myself to Lawrence. Almost immediately I felt a stream of energy running through me. My cat, Cattwo, sat watching me and stared at me intensely as this happened. I had a brief subjective interaction with Lawrence then; the voice was feminine because of my association of Lawrence with Vicki. When I had my session with Elias a while later Elias confirmed Lawrence was willing to engage me in an energy exchange. I was elated, a dream come true! I spent the rest of the day appreciating this unexpected accomplishment.