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Session Year
Date Participant Title Session Link
7/14/2017 Debbie & Phil Debbie & Phil 7/14/17 Listen
4/21/2017 Posha Starting Relationships, Earth Changes, Demise of the Monetary System Listen
4/17/2017 Tracy Climate change questions Listen
4/15/2017 Tom Vogel Tom Vogel 4/15/17 Listen
3/30/2017 Fleur Value Fulfillment, Interconnectedness, Excepting Difference Listen
3/28/2017 Debbie & Phil Global Changes Listen
3/27/2017 Anonymous Global Financial and Climate Changes, Creating Disease, Rose Quartz Listen
3/24/2017 Oliver Earth Changes, Beyond "All That Is" Listen
3/22/2017 Anonymous Understanding a Relationship and Cancer imagery Listen
3/16/2017 Inanna Attracting Money, Doubt and indecision, Practicing Presence Listen
3/9/2017 Tom Vogel Parlor tricks, Inner & outer senses. Abundance through appreciation Listen
3/7/2017 Debbie & Phil Debbie & Phil 3/7/17 Listen
3/2/2017 David Monroe Past Life Imagery, Aging beliefs & disease, Astrology Listen
3/1/2017 Anonymous Overcoming Stuttering, the Journey of Realizing YCYR Listen
2/28/2017 Ron Card Ron Card 2/28/17 Listen
2/24/2017 Jason Godfrey Jason Godfrey 2/24/17 Listen
2/23/2017 Fleur Fleur 2/23/17 Listen
2/18/2017 Jean-François Jean-François 2/18/17 Listen
2/14/2017 Michele Attention and perception, flow and abundance; trusting Listen
2/13/2017 Oliver (Amir) The Movie Metaphor, Probable Selves, Consequences, Fear of imagery Listen
2/8/2017 Tom Vogel Perception, Time and Creating Your World Read or Listen
1/16/2017 Oliver Energy Exchange Development; Flowing; Cycle of Anxiety Read
1/12/2017 Tim Perspectives of different Energy Exchanges Listen
1/8/2017 Danielle YCYR and the Nature of Reality Listen
1/4/2017 Anonymous Career, Health and Family Planning Listen